St. Petersburg Probation Lawyer

You’ve paid your fines, served your time, and are ready to move on with your life after being slapped with criminal charges. Unfortunately, your problems won’t go away that quickly. The repercussions of criminal allegations can continue for years after you’ve served your sentence, particularly if that sentence includes probation. If you are accused of violating probation, you could face even harsher consequences.

Don’t let claims of a probation violation invalidate the consequences you’ve already paid for your criminal charge. With the right law firm on your side, you can avoid additional penalties. The Law Office of Peter Andrews is an excellent resource to have in your corner as you deal with the stress of an alleged probation violation.

Types of Probation Violations

There are two main types of violations in Florida: technical and substantive. A technical violation occurs if any of the general terms of probation are breached. Examples include failure to pay court costs, changing your address without express permission, arriving late at a mandated meeting, or failing to complete court-ordered education.

Substantive violations occur when new criminal offenses are committed. These violations are the most likely to lead to harsh repercussions. If probation is revoked as a result, the maximum penalty for the original charge may be instated, along with severe consequences for the new offense.

Violations are unfortunately common for those previously accused of possession or other drug-related crimes. Mere proximity to illicit substances may be regarded as violating the terms of the alleged offender’s probation.

The Importance of Working with an Aggressive St. Petersburg Lawyer

Given the current nature of your criminal record, you absolutely cannot afford additional criminal allegations — particularly probation violations. Your probation sentence grants you far less protection than if you were to be convicted of a new crime.

Law Office of Peter Andrews: Aggressive Representation for Probation Violation Cases

If you are accused of violating probation, it is imperative that you seek legal support as soon as possible. The ideal attorney will be thoroughly familiar with probation in Florida and the many factors that prompt violation charges. Zealousness is paramount, as is a respectful candor whenever meeting with clients. You’ll witness these essential qualities and more when you work with the Law Office of Peter Andrews. Reach out today to learn more about your options and the role an aggressive St. Petersburg lawyer can play in your case.

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